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Children's day wishes

Happy Children’s Day to the child within all of us.

From a child we learn giggling, laughing and playing. Let us continue to celebrate the day of children. Happy children’s Day!

Children are the gift of God to us. Happy Children’s Day!

Wishing Happy Children’ s day to the child within all of us. Happy Children’s Day to all!

May the purity of your child’s heart never fade. Happy Children Day!

From a child, we must learn to be happy for no reason. Happy Children Day!

One hour with a child will teach you a lifetime worth of joy and innocence. Happy Children’s Day!

Childhood is about glee and playfulness. Happy Children’s Day!

May the laughter and innocence of a child last for a lifetime. Happy Children’s Day!

Spend this day with your little buddies. Make a promise to bring joy in their life. Happy Children’s Day!

Kids are the world’s greatest happiness. Happy Children’s Day!

Children are budding stars, the more you inspire them the more they learn. Happy Children’s Day!

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