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Sister's day wishes

Sisters share everything from their joys to sorrow. Happy Sister day!

Happy Sister day! Although we are not sister by blood we have a bond and love that usually sisters have.

Life is so busy that sometimes I forget to tell you that your presence and opinions meant so much that I can’t make any decision alone. Thanks so much for helping me in every situation. Happy Sister day!

On Sister’s day, take out time from your busy routine and let’s hang out together!

You are not just my elder sister as you always help me as a friend and guide me as a mentor. You are the best sister I would have, have a happy sister day!

Let us rejoin on this Sister’s day and enjoy together as we use to in our childhood. Let’s have a blast on this sister day.

To have an enjoyable sister day, we just need to take out time from our busy schedules and sit
together. I miss you, my sweet sister!

I am inviting you to come on this sister’s day at my home, we will enjoy the whole day and a party at my place.

You must be surprised to see my message as I am not an expressive person but when I come to know that today is a Sister day, so to avail of this opportunity, I want to tell you that I love you, my sweet sister!

Sisters share everything from their joys to sorrow. Happy Sister day!

Sisterhood is a blessing that only a few people can’t understand and trust me those are the most depressed people in this world. Thanks to God I have a sister like you. Happy Sister’s day!

Sharing, caring, bearing, teasing and helping that’s all we sisters do, Happy Sister day!

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