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World Wetlands Day Quotes

Save the wetlands first, then we can think about saving the entire Earth.

The wetlands are a beautiful part of our ecosystem and we should take care of the wetlands.

Snakes, insects, beavers, fish, and birds all share the planet with us and thus have a connection with Earth, so if the wetlands are destroyed, the lives of many of these creatures would be in danger, and consequently, the planet would be at risk.

Let us celebrate this day by spreading knowledge about the wetlands and their importance.

On the occasion of World Wetlands Day, let us spread the knowledge about wetlands to our friends and neighbors.

Wetlands are precisely a natural marvel for our planet.

It's funny how nature has it all sorted for us, yet we cannot take care of our planet Earth.

Wetlands are to the Earth what kidneys are to the human body.

The spongy wetlands are a fine example of how Earth has it all sorted for us but it is up to us now to take care of them.

Absorbing pollutants is one of the various ways in which wetlands help our planet Earth.

Wetlands are a part of nature, and the Earth would not be the same without them.

You will only realize the importance of marshlands and wetlands once you stop being ignorant about the planet.

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