Get your house Diwali-Ready | Best Diwali Decoration Ideas 2021

Updated: Jan 31

One of the best Indian festival of the year - DIWALI THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is almost here & now it's time to decorate your house amazingly!

That means you're in the right place! Here you'll find the craziest Diwali decoration ideas like Wall hangings, Rangoli, and even more! Not only DIY (do-it-yourself) ideas but you'll also find Diwali decoration products to buy at a lower price.

Seems great? Read on!

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Let's get right into it!

1. Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings are a great way to decorate your house beautifully & Diwali Kandil is one of them!

You can make your own DIY Diwali Kandil or buy one to decorate your house! Follow the steps below to make your own DIY Kandil or Buy (given below).

Step 1: Take an A4 size sheet.

Step 2: Fold it from the middle (as shown in the video)

Step 3: Fold from corners by overlapping 1 cm (watch video)

Step 4: Stick with glue & mark 2.5 cm from both sides.

Step 5: Fold according to the marks.

Step 6: Mark 1 cm from below & cut and paste as it's shown in the video.

Step 7: Now, you have an envelope-like thing (make ten like this).

Step 8: Make the design as your choice or make it as shown in the video.

Step 9: Stick them together (one by one)

Step 10: Open It! Congrats! Your own DIY Diwali Kandil is ready!

Another type of Diwali decoration Wall Hanging is Paper Star. Let's make it!

Step 1: Cut out 14 sheets of 2 different colours (of your choice) of size 20 × 21 from an A4 Sheet.

Step 2: Apply glue on the