What is DIY? Everything you need to know in 2021.

Updated: Mar 3

DIY is the acronym of do-it-yourself. The meaning is clear from its name - to do something on our own. But wait, there's more!

DIY is the method of creating, improving, or decorating something by oneself without hiring an expert to do it / buying it from a store.

That doesn't mean that you can't seek knowledge to do it. You absolutely can. Either by reading a book, watching a tutorial video, or just reading an article on the internet. DIY also has advantages - If you'd hire a professional to do it, you won't learn a skill! That means it is not only about doing something on our own but also learning something new.

DIY is the acronym of do-it-yourself.

Nowadays, the tag "DIY" gets added to a lot of stuff. From making kids slime to developing a writing machine counts as a do-it-yourself project! And even more like tying a tie, making a paper plane, home decoration, best out of waste, and so much more!

DIY topics covered in this article:

A brief history of DIY

Do-it-yourself came into common usage from the 1950s and people slowly started using the word 'DIY' for crafts, home improvement, and small constructions. Various TV Shows and books started emerging during the 1960s and 1970s. It also became a social concept with people sharing hacks, ideas, and projects. After 1990, with the emergence of the internet, many websites with DIY and How-to content started coming up. Now, it's mostly online through platforms like YouTube or Instagram through which people can easily share their ideas with other people and many people get benefited! And yes, you are reading this article on a DIY Website! ✌

What is a DIY Skill?

A do-it-yourself skill is one's ability to do something the DIY way. There are many do-it-yourself skills you can start with! Some of them are given below:

Home decoration (Room decor)

Home decoration is decorating the interior of your house like enhancing your room walls. It plays a major role in enhancing the mood of people living in the house. A good-looking house also helps in reducing stress and anxiety. You might want to improve the decor of your room probably because you are bored or it's not modern! The best part is DIY home decor is very easy! Also, if you have a limited budget but you still want amazing decor, this is the best way! Here's a playlist to help you get started.

Best out of Waste

Best out of waste are environment-friendly DIY Craft ideas that help to reuse old and waste material to make a new product, reduce air and water pollution, and saves the raw materials being used up in the creation of new products. It can also help to improve the home decor. It costs very low to make Best Out Of Waste projects in comparison with other types of DIY Projects. Some best out of waste ideas are bookmarks, painted glass bottles, party poppers with balloons, and more. Here's a playlist to help you get started with it!

Paper Origami

Origami is the art of paper-folding derived from Japanese words ori (“folding”) and kami (“paper”). It means you can't use glue, tape, or scissors! Yes, paper origamis are one of the most popular DIY Skills which are exploding right now on various platforms like YouTube! From a simple paper plane to making a paper Rubik's cube there's too much! Here's a playlist of popular paper origamis which you should know.

Greeting cards

DIY hand-made greeting cards are used to send someone best wishes at various times like birthdays, anniversaries, and occasions. Many people with interests in crafts such as stamping and scrapbooking have begun to use their skills to start making handmade cards. Do you also know how to make them or have any ideas? Let me know in the comments! Here's a Greeting cards playlist with great ideas. Try them out and let me know how it went!

DIY when bored

Are there times when you're bored and have nothing to do? Here's a solution for you! Now, you know DIY has a lot of advantages. Then why waste time when you have nothing to do? There are many cool DIY projects you can try out when bored! I recommend you to check out the DIY projects and How-to Videos pages where you'll find creative how-to and step-by-step videos that are created just for You! Alternatively, you may also visit my YouTube Channel where I have created step-by-step DIY and how-to videos which are definitely gonna help you out!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What DIY means?

DIY means to do something on our own without the help of experts or professionals. It is the acronym of do-it-yourself.

Why DIY is important?

The importance of doing DIY:

  1. It's fun!

  2. An opportunity to use your brain.

  3. Saves your money.

  4. Skill development.

  5. You are happy after making something of your own!

When is DIY Day?

DIY day is celebrated on 2nd April every year. It was founded by the crafters of the Craft Box Girls team in 2016 and celebrated for the very first time on 2nd April 2016.

Why DIY is better?

DIY is better than buying from a shop because it can help save money, make you creative, and also helps to save the Earth when you use waste items to make your projects.

What DIY tools to use in maths?

The DIY tools used in mathematics are the geometric tools usually present in a geometry box. Geometric instruments such as rulers, compasses, dividers, set-squares, and protractors are all used to draw shapes and figures such as triangles, squares, hexagons, circles, parallelograms, and so on.

What DIY should I do?

It completely depends on you and your interests + Your needs. If you have a lot of waste items, then Best Out Of Waste might be the option for you. If your interest is in electric projects, then technical DIY Projects including wires, motors, and Arduino may suit you!

What DIY to do when stuck at home?

Decorate your room walls or the entire house, try a new recipe or just make paper origamis like a Paper plane!

Which DIY search is most popular?

According to Google, the most popular DIY searches were:

  1. DIY foot scrub.

  2. DIY fire pit area.

  3. DIY scrunchie holders.

  4. DIY pottery kit.

  5. DIY toilet paper.

Did you notice how the searches were impacted due to Covid-19?

When DIY goes wrong?

DIY too goes wrong when it's done without defining limits or when we are overconfident and do not understand when it's time to call a professional! According to experts estimations, 1 in 5 people who do DIY Projects suffers an injury.

Why DIY is bad?

Sometimes, DIY is a bad idea because you may make your home untidy, it's time-consuming and also you might get yourself injured!

Now, it's your turn.

Now I want to turn it over to you: Which DIY Project are you going to try first?

Greeting Cards, best out of waste or something else! Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.

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