YouTube joined 51 Years ago - Unsolved Mystery

We all enjoy watching videos on YouTube but are you aware of the mysteries of this platform? There are many mysteries of this platform and I am gonna tell you one of them in this post!

Here's the full story...

As an Indian, I watch Indian YouTube Channels (Naturally). And I've found MANY unusual things on those OFFICIAL channels of YouTube. I'm gonna share one of those unusual things with you!

The last year (2020), I was watching a popular Indian Creator's Video. And the creator was lucky enough to get a Comment from YouTube itself. Well, it seems he doesn't even know of that comment. So, he didn't engage with it. It was the official channel of YouTube with a verified badge. When I clicked the YouTube Logo, it revealed a Commenter Preview (only on mobile). It shows the name, joining date and the comment history of that user. In the case of YouTube, it showed the joining date as 50 Years ago! When I saw it this year (2021), it showed 51 years ago. On clicking YouTube to open the channel, the channel revealed was YouTube India Spotlight.

I went to this channel's about page but it showed the joining date as 25-Mar-2007 which doesn't match to date as in the commenter preview.

YouTube joined 51 Years ago issue Screenshot
YouTube joined 51 Years ago Screenshot

I mean YouTube was made 16 years ago and how YouTube itself can join 51 Years ago? Also, clicking on the profile of YouTube why it reveals YouTube India Spotlight?

I think the channels of YouTube are connected and redirect to the country's channel as in my case it was India.

I tweeted about this along with other issues tagging YouTube India, but there was no response from them. Here's the tweet

Here's the video link with the comment from YouTube (watch on mobile)

So, that's it for now! Let me know if you have any thoughts about this issue in the comments below! Have a great day!

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